Foehn Records’ publishing department represents a wide range of renowned and talented producers, composers and songwriters from Barcelona. As an independent record label & publishing company, we provide a tailored service of music consultancy and synchronisation for film, television, advertising, video games and new media providers. For over 15 years, we have put our love and expertise to find the right talent and get the suited music for many film producers, global brands and video game developers.

F i l m s & T V

"Elite" - Netflix (2019) - Chapter 303

Track: "Phoebe's Room" by Brigitte Laverne

"Valeria" - Netflix (2019)

Track: "Casa Tomada" by Karen Koltrane

"Luis Miguel" - Netflix (2018) - Chapter 5 & 9

Tracks: "Cities" and "Phoebe's Room" by Brigitte Laverne

"La Casa de las Flores" - Netflix (2018) - Chapter 3

Track: "Dora" by BeGun

"Cuánto. Más allá del dinero" - Kike Mailló for Banco Santander (2017)

Track: "The Way I Fell About You" by Tversky

"Las Distancias" by Elena Trapé (2018)

Tracks: "Cidade", "1" and"Ainda Te Quero" by Emilio José

"Cansancio Mental" by Karen Koltrane

"Coin Heist" by Emily Hagins (2017)

Track: "Phoebe's Room" by Brigitte Laverne

"Cebra" by Félix Fernández de Castro

Track: "Monstera" by Oso Leone

"Embarazados" (2016) by Juana Macía

Tracks: "Bushy Beard Chris" by Vànova / "New Year" by Yes I M

"Seis puntos sobre Emma" (2011) by Roberto Pérez Toledo

OST by Carles Guajardo (Bruna) and David Cordero (Úrsula)

"Eva" (2011) by Kike Maíllo

Track: "About Days" by Marina Gallardo

"Itinéraire bis" (2011) by Jean-Luc Perréard.

Track: "Stones" by Marina Gallardo

"Planes Para Mañana" (2010) by Juana Macías

Tracks: "Lost Beginners" by Vànova

"La Ferocidad Es Felizmente" by Apeiron

"Bloody Moonshine" by Marina Gallardo

"A Prop De Res" by Balago

"A Warmer Place" by Inhabitants

"Blog" (2010) by Elena Trapé

Tracks: "Nits De Cels Vermells" and "El Suro De L'Amo" by Bedroom

"Stones" and "A Beast In Me" by Marina Gallardo

"As Usual" by Tan Low

"Mapa De Los Sonidos De Tokio" (2009) by Isabel Coixet

Track: "Japanese Girl" by Bedroom

"El Rey de la Montaña" (2008) by Gonzalo López-Gallego

OST by Balago

"Pudor" (2007) by Tristán Ulloa

Tracks: "Gest" and "Maccabea" by Balago

A d v e r t i s i n g

"Louis Vuitton" - The Artycapucines

Track: "Presentación" by David Corbyro and Carles Guajardo

"Prada" - Fall Winter (2019)

Track: "Eurice" by Combray

"Vogue" - M&S (2017)

Track: "Ficus" by Oso Leone

"Hoteles Melià" - TV Campaign (2017)

Track: "Smile" by Marina Gallardo

"Mango" - Man (2016)

Track: "Velbert" by Balago

"Habitaclia" - Campaign (2016)

Track: "Stones" by Marina Gallardo

"Volkswagen" - California (2015)

Track: "If we could read this mind" by Vanova

"Seat" - No al transporte (2015)

Track: "Alga" by Viva

"Volkswagen" - Fieles al original (2015)

Track: "Teahupoo" by Yes I M

"Carolina Herrera" - Art of Travel (2014)

Track: "Travel Song" by Yes I M

"Camper" - Sofa Experience (2014)

Track: "Missisipi is so far" by Iñigo Ugarteburu

"Carolina Herrera" - Gran Tour (2014)

Track: "Fire" by Oso Leone

"Juver" (2013)

Track: "Stones" by Marina Gallardo

"Atlético de Madrid" - Promo Campaign (2013)

Track: "The lost years" by Poomse

"Samsung" - Experiment (2013)

Track: "Stones" by Marina Gallardo

"Suzuki" - Online Campaign (2010)

Track: "Rain or Shine" by Inhabitants

"Telecom" - Online Campaign (2010)

Track: "Stones" by Marina Gallardo

"DeAPlaneta" - Cinema Opening (2010)

Track: "Inedit" by Balago